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A new age is dawning.

Individuals are rebelling against the oppressive collectivism of the 20th century. We humans simply cannot live for long bound in the systems of the world. So the next great movement in history will be the age of the PERSON rising out of the world’s political, educational, and religious systems binding the human race. Man cannot live in collective systems and will eventually break out.

I am one of those people.

I flamed out on religion in 1991 after 24 years of college ministry and pastoring a church that wouldn't grow and wouldn't die.

I was tired of being expected to fix people, when I couldn’t even fix myself.
I was tired being bound by speaking to the “base” to earn a salary.
I was tired of speaking with borrowed voices and wanted to find my uniqueness.
I was tired of my Imposter Self hijacking my identity and wanted to find out who I was.

So these writings are sound bites of my journey into freedom and I hope these experiences and teachings will draw you into the heart of the Living God who is there.

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