Jim May | living at His place


Jim is available to teach and speak at conferences, retreats, churches and classes. He is also available for pulpit supply when pastors want to take a break or are out of town.

How to contact Jim for speaking engagements.
The best way to reach Jim is by phone:
Office: 303-238-9572 Mobile: 303-910-8882
You may also email Jim at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Listen to Jim's humerous and insightful teachings on escaping the Christian religion and livingin relationship with Christ. The first six are overviews given at larger conferences around thecountry. The ten tape series, is more in depth given to a smaller class.The series, "Christianity: Museum or reality" was given to a church audience. The rest are selectedindividual lectures. (Click on the play bar to start and stop a teaching.)

Jim's Journey Out of Religion into Relationships
Four Turning Points
Exchange our Weakness for His Strength
Six with Him's
12 One Liners
Six Life Questions
Coming to the End and Finding Him - tape 1
Jamaica Breakthrough - tape 2
Seven Characteristics of the Exchanged Live - tape 3
Six Steps to Living in Him - tape 4
Leave Yourself Alone - tape 5
Christ Not Christianity - tape 6
"I'm Billy" - tape 7
Keep Looking Down - tape 8
It's All in Him - tape 9
Eleven Reasons Why We Don't See It - tape 10
Christianity: Museum or Reality - The Museum
Christianity: Museum or Reality - The Rooms
Christianity: Museum or Reality - The Upper Room
Christianity: Parable of the Waiters & Walkers
Christianity: What are Jesus Prayers for us